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How do I add Zoom recordings to Moodle?

Remember: Before a recorded online teaching session starts, you should make it clear to students that the session is being recorded and that students can request editing of material or exemption from recordings from the Module Leader as per the Recording Teaching & Academic Contact Sessions Policy.

When will the recording be ready for sharing?

Zoom will start processing your lecture recording once everyone has left the meeting. As a host you can enforce that by clicking End > End meeting for all at the bottom right of the Zoom window (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Click End > End meeting for all for the recording processing to start. (The video has no sound)

What happens to the recording after the meeting has ended?

After you have ended the Zoom meeting for all, the recording goes to two places:

  1. Zoom, where the recordings stay for 60 days. We don’t recommend copying individual recordings from Zoom and pasting them in Moodle, because these will be deleted after 60 days and the associated links will stop working. Also, don’t edit any captions in Zoom because changes won’t be carried over to Panopto.
  2. Panopto, our video platform, where the Zoom recordings are stored for 2 years (see clause 5.4 in the Recordings policy). We recommend adding the Panopto activity and the Panopto block to your Moodle course which will allow students to access all Zoom recordings from one single place.

How do I add the recording to Moodle?

Add the Panopto block

It is essential that you add the Panopto block to your modules in Moodle to ensure that any students enrolled after you added the Panopto LTI activity (see below) have access to recordings. It is important to add the block if you wish to embed, or add links to recordings in other places in your course e.g. in discussion forums, in labels or as URL resources. Only module leaders and Faculty DMeLDs can add the block.

To read more about the Panopto block and how to add it to your module see: What is the Panopto block?

Add the Panopto activity

In your Moodle course:

  1. Turn editing on.
  2. At the top section of your course click Add an activity or resource.
  3. In the activity chooser, choose Panopto LTI and click Add.
  4. Give the Panopto activity a name using the format [module code – type of sessions – recordings], e.g. ANML7006 Seminar recordings or ANML7006 Lecture recordings.
  5. Click Show more.
  6. In the Activity description field, type: All recordings from our online sessions will appear at the link above.
  7. Check the box next to Display description on course page.
  8. Click Save and display.
Figure 2. Add the Panopto activity to Moodle. (The video has no sound)

Edit the recording and enable captions

Note: You should only edit recordings if absolutely necessary, for example if the lecturer considers some content to be inappropriate for further viewing because a student became upset.

After you clicked Save and display above, you will be directed to the Panopto:

  1. Click My Folder (from the left-hand sidebar).
  2. Click Meeting recordings.
  3. Locate the recording you want to edit.
  4. Hover your mouse over the title and click Edit. The Panopto Editor will open.
Figure 3. Locate the record you wish to edit. (The video has no sound)

Enable captions

In the unlikely event the captions are not automatically added please see Why can’t I add automatic captions in Panopto?

In the Panopto Editor:

  1. Captions should be automatically added using the machine-generated captions that are provided by Zoom.
  2. Once captions are available, captions and timings should appear below. Scroll through the captions and click on each segment to correct any mistakes that the system has made.
  3. Your changes are saved automatically.
Screengrab of the Machine Generated Captions option selected in the Upload/Request captions screen.
Figure 4. Select ‘Automatic Machine Captions’ from the dropdown menu.

Edit your recording

At the bottom of the screen the Panopto Timeline appears:

  1. To trim the beginning of the recording, place your mouse cursor at the beginning of the timeline until it becomes a double-sided arrow . Click and drag to the right to select how many minutes and seconds you wish to trim from the beginning of your recording.
  2. To trim the end of the recording, place your mouse cursor at the end of the timeline until it becomes a double-sided arrow . Click and drag to the left to select how many minutes and seconds you wish to trim from the end of your recording.
  3. To remove segments of the recording in the middle, play your video from the beginning and pause it right before the part you want to remove starts. Where the removed part starts is determined by the red vertical line.
  4. Click and hold the red vertical line until it becomes a thicker dark grey line.
  5. Don’t let your mouse cursor go and while clicking, drag the dark grey line to trim out the section of the video. Then let go. The part of the video that will be removed should be highlighted with a black transparent background.
  6. Once finish, click Apply (purple button) at the top-right corner of the screen.
  7. Once you click Apply, depending on the number of changes you made in the recording (e.g. how many parts you trimmed in the timeline), Panopto will have to process these changes.
  8. In the meantime you can click See other sessions in Meeting Recordings.

You will return the Meeting Recordings folder and the recording may still be shown as processing. You can either wait for the process to finish or continue to the steps below, so when it finishes processing, it will appear to students automatically.

Figure 5. Edit your recording in the Panopto Timeline. (The video has no sound)

Make the recording available to students

To make the recording available to your students, you need to transfer it from your own personal Panopto ‘Meeting Recordings’ or ‘My Folder’ folder to the course folder that Panopto creates specifically for your Moodle course.

  1. Check the box on the left-hand corner of the video thumbnail.
  2. Click Move (from the button above).
  3. Click Choose folder or start typing to search.
  4. Click the arrow next to Moodle (not the word Moodle itself).
  5. Click on the folder that displays the module code and title of your course.
  6. Click Move (green button top right).
  7. Once the word Done appears click X Close from the top right.
  8. Close the Panopto tab to return to the Moodle window.

Once you return to the Moodle window, you are looking at the Panopto folder for your course. Click Refresh in your browser and the recording you just moved to the course folder should appear in the list.

Figure 6. Move the recording from your staff folder into the course folder. (The video has no sound)

Your recording will now be visible to students via the link you added with steps 1-8.

Updated on October 26, 2022

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