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How do I enable the activity chooser in Moodle?

The activity chooser is a dialog box with a short description of each activity and resource. The activity chooser that appears when ‘adding an activity or resource’ is selected and has colour-coded icons to help you identify the function of each activity.

  • Pink is for assessment
  • Green is for communication
  • Blue is for content and resources (including integrations with our other systems such as Panopto, Zoom and Talis Aspire Reading Lists)
  • Red (orange) is for collaboration

How does the activity chooser work?

When Edit mode is toggled on, you should see the Add an activity or resource at the bottom of each section.

The activity chooser has separated sections for Activities and Resources. There are also two other filtered lists which include:

  • an All filter, which showing both activities and resources in a single list
  • a Starred filter, which shows the activities and resources you use most often.

You can streamline your activity chooser by starring Actvities and Resources you use regularly.

To star an activity or resource in the activity chooser:

  1. Go to your Moodle course and turn editing on.
  2. In the section where you will add the submission dropbox, click Add an activity or resource.
  3. Underneath the activity or resource there is either an outline of a star or a filled pink star.
    • Click on the star to add the content the starred list.
    • A filled pink star indicates that it is a starred content item.
Figure 1. The activity chooser showing a user’s starred activities and resources.
Updated on July 28, 2023

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