What is the Panopto block?

The Panopto block is a Moodle block that synchronises your Moodle users with the related Panopto course folder, offering direct links to your videos and other functions. All users, including students and those with viewer access, will have access to recordings in the main course folder and links to set up subscriptions to RSS Feeds, which you can add to your favourite podcasting service. If you are a course creator in Moodle, i.e. a module leader or co-teacher, you will also see a link to download the Panopto desktop recorder.

What is the benefit of the Panopto Block?

The Panopto block keeps your course folder and Moodle synchronised.

  • Changes to Moodle course enrolments are immediately reflected in the Panopto course folder when the block is enabled.
  • Student access to Panopto is automatically provisioned on the course via the block.
  • Course creators, such as module leaders and co-teachers can easily embed Panopto videos and provide URL links in Moodle resources.
  • Completed recordings and any videos uploaded to the main Panopto course folder are available with a one-click link.
  • Module leaders and co-teachers can download the Panopto desktop recorder directly from the block.

To add the block to your Moodle course:

  1. Turn editing on.
  2. Open the navigation tray to the left by clicking on the pink hamburger icon.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click Add a block.
  4. In the Add a block chooser scroll down and click Panopto.
  5. Use the arrow icon on the right hand side of the block to move the block to your desire location.

Pro Tip: The Panopto block cannot be hidden as the block maintains the synchronisation between Moodle and your Panopto course folder. If you prefer, you can move the block to the very bottom of the Moodle course.

What are the features of the block?

Screen Capture of the Panopto Block, main features are described below the image.

Text includes:
Live sessions: No live sessions.
Completed recordings: Weeks 2-11 lectures are listed in reverse order.
Show More/Show Less Toggle
Podcast feeds: Audio Podcast (rss) and Video Podcast (rss).
Download recorder (Windows/Mac)
Figure 1. Panopto Moodle Block in Boost Theme (Creator View)

Active Features

  • Staff and students can view completed recordings: includes a list of all videos that are in the main course folder. Any videos that are in subfolders will not be shown.
  • Staff and students can access podcast feeds: The RSS feeds allow users to subscribe to a folder with an RSS reader and see when new videos have been added. RSS subscribers will be able to download a copy of all videos and/or the audio from the videos. It is recommended that you use Firefox to access this feature directly from the block, other browsers will require you to first deploy an an RSS aggregator such as Feed Burner. You can also access RSS feeds directly from Panopto, for more information see How to subscribe to RSS Feeds for MP4 viewing.
  • Module leaders and co-teachers can download the Panopto desktop recorder directly from the block.

Restricted or inactive features

The ‘Live Recordings’ section at the top of the block refers to scheduled recordings, which is a scheduled lecture capture service that is currently not running. It is not possible to hide this.

Updated on January 10, 2021

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