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How long will it take before my Zoom meeting recording is available?

Remember: Before a recorded online teaching session starts, you should make it clear to students that the session is being recorded and that students can request editing of material or exemption from recordings from the Module Leader as per the Recording Teaching & Academic Contact Sessions Policy.

Once you finish your Zoom meeting, your recording will be sent to two places automatically and the videos will be available as soon as they are processed.

Be aware that your Zoom recording may take between 24-72 hours before it appears in Panopto, depending on the length of the video and during particularly high-volume periods.


Zoom will start processing your lecture recording once everyone has left the meeting. As a host you can enforce that by clicking End > End meeting for all at the bottom right of the Zoom window (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Click End > End meeting for all for the recording processing to start. (The video has no sound)

Once processed, these recordings stay available in Zoom for 60 days.

  • We don’t recommend copying individual recordings from Zoom and pasting them in Moodle, because these will be deleted after 60 days and the associated links will stop working.
  • Also, don’t edit the video or any captions in Zoom because changes won’t be carried over to Panopto.


Panopto is our new video platform that replaces Mediasite and is where you will find your Zoom recordings. We recommend adding both the Panopto activity and the Panopto block to your Moodle course which will allow students to access all Zoom recordings from one single place.

Once the Zoom meeting has ended and is recorded in the cloud, it is automatically saved to Panopto. Before the video is available there may be a delay depending on the length of the meeting. There may be a longer delay for long videos and during high-volume periods.

Once processed, these recordings stay available in Panopto for as long as defined by the recording policy (see clause 5.4 in the Recordings policy).

  • Before videos are available to students you will need to add them to the course folder in Panopto. This gives you time to edit the video before making it available.
  • Captions are available for all Panopto videos automatically via Automatic Speech Recognition software. It is recommended that you edit these prior to releasing the video to students.
Updated on June 25, 2021

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