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How do I enable and edit captions on my video in Panopto?

You have the ability to add ASR (automatic speech recognition) generated captions to your Panopto sessions. As with all automatic captioning services, these captions will need to be edited for obvious errors that the system may have made. Focus on comprehension, rather than making sure these are 100% perfect. Likewise, do note that this is automatic captioning but not immediate captioning and therefore it will take some time for the process to be completed and the ASR captions to become available.

For videos that are shorter than one hour, the ASR generated captions may take up to 8 hours to appear. For videos that are one hour or more the process may take up to 24 hours.

To edit captions:

  1. Click on the Panopto activity in your Moodle course.
  2. Find the video you wish to add captions to.
  3. Hover your mouse over it and click Edit.
  4. Select Captions from the left side of the editor,
  5. You should automatically see the captions that Panopto imported from Zoom. If you don’t see any, click the Import captions dropdown.
  6. Select Import automatic captions to add machine-generated captions.
  7. Captions and timings should appear below. Scroll through the captions and click on each segment to correct any mistakes that the system has made. Your changes are saved automatically.
Figure 1. Enable automatic captions in the Panopto Editor. (The video has no sound)
Updated on March 23, 2021

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