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How do I record voice over in PowerPoint?

You can record (narrate) your slides and then export it as a video mp4 file.
You will need a microphone. Most laptops have a suitable built-in microphone.

Make sure your PowerPoint file is the latest format (.pptx).
If it is an earlier version (.ppt) you must first Save As, Save as type, *.pptx
How do I save a PowerPoint file in .pptx format?

Record (narrate) a presentation

From the Slide Show ribbon, select Record Slide Show.

More information on how to record can be found on the Microsoft Support web site: Microsoft Support: Record PowerPoint presentations (opens in new tab)

You may choose to separate your presentation into smaller chunks. This will enable you to narrate shorter recordings and produce smaller file sizes.

Export a recorded presentation as an mp4


Once you have completed your recording, you can export it as an mp4 video file. First, make sure you have saved your presentation.

  1. Click File, Export, Create a Video.
  2. Choose Internet Quality (or Low Quality for a smaller file size).
  3. Choose Use Recorded Timings and Narrations.
  4. Click Create Video.
  5. Wait for the video to be created. You can see the progress in the status bar at the bottom of the PowerPoint window.
Figure 1. Export options in PowerPoint for Windows.

The resulting mp4 video file will be located in same folder as your PowerPoint file.
You can upload the mp4 file to Google Drive and add the link to Moodle to share with your students.


Important: Only PowerPoint for macOS 2011, 2019 and the Office 365 subscription support saving in a video format. Oxford Brookes provides an Office 365 subscription (opens in new tab) for students and staff.

When you are ready to export:

  1. Select File > Export.
Screenshot from PowerPoint for Mac interface that shows how to click File from the menu bar and then Export highlighted with blue.
Figure 2. Click File, then Export from the menu bar.
  1. Open the File Format list and select MP4.
  2. For Quality choose Internet Quality.
  3. Click Export to save it locally on your computer.
Figure 3. Choose MP4, internet quality and click Export.

After exporting, PowerPoint will start converting your presentation to MP4 and the progress will appear at the bottom of the window as shown below:

Screenshot of PowerPoint for Mac interface that shows the progress bar of the conversion at the bottom of the window highlighted in pink.
Figure 5. The progress of the conversion appears at the bottom of the PowerPoint window.

Updated on April 3, 2020

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