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Why can I not add or view Panopto videos in Moodle?

The issue

We have identified an issue that prevents staff from accessing the Panopto LTI activity and students from watching videos within the Panopto LTI activity when using Safari on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac). Safari presents the following message:

Figure 1. Safari displays this message on Apple devices.

Why is this happening?

Since March 2020 (opens in new tab), Safari on macOS and iOS has been blocking third-party cookies by default. This is a permanent change and there is no option to stop blocking them.

What should I do?

We recommend using another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge. If you don’t have any of these other browsers installed, then we recommend installing one of them using the links below:

What if I experience the issue in other browsers?

If you get a similar message from other browsers, then that’s because they are blocking third-party cookies as well. Unlike Safari, you can unblock in Chrome, Edge and Firefox by following these instructions: How do I stop blocking third-party cookies?

Updated on September 24, 2020

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