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How do I stop blocking third party cookies?

I use Chrome
1. Click Customise and control Google Chrome (top right).
2. Click Settings.
3. Search for cookies (search bar at the top)
4. Click Site settings.
5. Click Cookies and site data.
6. Make sure Block third-party cookies toggle is grey, not blue.
I use Firefox
1. Open menu .
2. Choose Preferences.
3. Click Privacy & Security.
4. Select Custom.
5. Uncheck Cookies
I use Safari
From March 2020 (opens in new tab), Safari on macOS and iOS blocks third-party cookies by default. This is a permanent change and there is no option to stop blocking them. Safari users must switch to a different browser.
I use Edge
1. Click on More actions (top right).
2. Select Settings.
3. Search for View advanced settings and click on it.
4. Under Cookies section, select Don’t block cookies.
5. Close Edge and reopen it.

Updated on May 19, 2020

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