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Why do I receive emails from Turnitin when students submit?

Turnitin notifications explained

Turnitin sends a number of notifications to students and teachers in Moodle that are turned on by default. These notifications include:

1. Turnitin Assignment Non-Submitter Notifications: Allows instructors to send a notification to any students who have not yet submitted to an assignment.

2. Turnitin Assignment Instructor Digital Receipt Notifications: Instructors will receive a Moodle message and email notification when one of their students submits to an assignment.

3. Turnitin Assignment Digital Receipt Notifications: Students will receive a notification to confirm their submission.

Notifications are delivered to the Moodle message inbox as well as the email inbox. As a Module Leader, you may deactivate and reactivate these notifications at any time.

The version of the Turnitin integration we use in Moodle has been updated to version 2 and the new version gives tutors the opportunity to be notified when a student submits. These notifications are enabled by default for all users and tutors are able to turn them off for their accounts.

However, we recommend leaving these notifications enabled, as they can work as proof that students submitted on time or evidence that students resubmitted a revised version of their work when they shouldn’t have. Email notifications, also, give you a better realtime overview of what is happening in a given module. For example, if you aren’t receiving submission notifications on a day where you expect to, this can be an early warning that something is wrong with that assignment.

You can filter these emails out in Gmail using our template. With the Gmail filter, those emails will skip your inbox and will be saved in a Gmail label for quick retrieval.

Updated on March 18, 2021

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