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How do I share a video in Google Meet?


If you are using the built-in microphone and speakers of your device in your Google Meet session, then while you are sharing a tab with video and audio, you may have to mute your microphone. This is because students may be able to listen to the audio coming both from the tab you are sharing as well as from your device’s speakers (picked up by your device’s microphone).

In that case, while you are in Google Meet: press Ctrl + D (for Mac: cmd ⌘ + D) on your keyboard to mute your microphone. Then share the tab with the video following the instructions below. Once you stop sharing, return to Google Meet and click Ctrl + D (for Mac: cmd ⌘ + D) on your keyboard to unmute your microphone.

To share a video (with audio) in Google Meet, first open the video in a separate tab in your browser, then return to the Google Meet tab and follow the instructions below.

Start sharing a video

In Google Meet:

  1. Click Present now.
  2. Choose A Chrome tab.

(see figure 1)

Figure 1. Choose Present now and select A Chrome tab.
  1. Select the Chrome tab with the video
  2. Click Share.

(see figure 2)

Figure 2. Select the video tab from the list and click Share.

Stop sharing a video

Once finished, while you are in the tab with the video, click Stop from the top left-hand corner (see figure 3).

Figure 3. Click Stop from the top left to stop sharing the video.

Updated on September 9, 2020

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