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How do I set up a final submission in Turnitin?

Are you setting up a dropbox for draft submissions? See: How do I set up a draft submission in Turnitin?

When adding a Turnitin assignment activity in Moodle, there are a number of configuration options; this article suggests a typical configuration.

Add assignment to Moodle

To set up an assignment dropbox:

  1. Go to your Moodle course and turn editing on.
  2. In the section where you will add the submission dropbox, click Add an activity or resource (at bottom-right of section).
  3. From the activity chooser select Turnitin assignment 2 (towards the bottom of the list) and click Add.
  4. Configure the settings as outlined below.
  5. Click Save and return to course (bottom of the screen).

Configure assignment settings

When configuring a Turnitin assignment, make sure the following settings have been configured:


Turnitin Assignment Name:

Give a title to your assignment which will appear as a link in the homepage of your course.

The title also appears in the Timeline block that students can add to their Moodle Dashboard and a more descriptive title would help students to understand which module the assignment belongs to.

For example: PSYC5007 Coursework 2 Essay instead of just Coursework 2 Essay


Summary is an optional field, but it’s good practice to include useful information for your students, e.g. the deadline of the submission, requirements for file names of the submissions, anonymity etc.

Assignment Part 1

Start Date:

When your students will be able to start submitting their work.

Due Date:

The deadline for submissions.

Post Date:

When marks and feedback will be revealed to students.

Originality Report Options

Allow Submissions after the Due Date:

Choose Yes or No, depending on how you wish to control student submissions:

Choosing Yes allows students to submit after the ‘Due Date’ (as set above), assuming that the student has not submitted to the assignment already.

Choosing No prevents students from submitting anything to this assignment after the ‘Due Date’

GradeMark Options

Attach a rubric to this assignment

Choose No rubric if you are not planning on marking using a marking grid.

If you plan to use an existing marking grid then select your rubric from the drop-down list.

If you plan to create a new marking grid or duplicate/edit an existing one then click on Launch Rubric Manager.

Further information

The other settings in a Turnitin assignment do not need to be changed; the default settings have been carefully selected to promote consistency and to minimise the effort required to add a Turnitin assignment. The following explains the choices for some of the default settings:

Report Generation Speed

Default: Generate reports immediately (students cannot resubmit)

Students should be permitted to submit only once to a Turnitin assignment (this reflects the agreed change to the Turnitin policy introduced for Semester 1 2022-2023).

Store student papers

Default: Standard Repository

Standard Repository means the submission will be considered for comparison against future submissions.

No Repository means you don’t wish to consider comparing future submissions against these submissions.

Exclude Bibliography:

Default: No

Bibliography is included so that markers can check references – matches to references are expected and not problematic.

Exclude Small Matches:

Default: <blank>

It is recommended not to exclude small matches as they can highlight good practice with academic phrases or could indicate other use of sources including attempts at paraphrasing problems.

Updated on July 21, 2022

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