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How do I meta link Moodle courses?

A course meta link makes it possible for all users enrolled in one course to be automatically enrolled in one or more other courses.


If you have two runs of a module in the same semester you may choose to meta-link the two courses. You then only need to populate one course with learning materials. You can keep the other course empty of learning materials and keep it hidden from students. Participants of both modules will be able to access the main course.

  1. Go to the main course, the one you want to bring enrolments into.
  2. From the Navigation sidebar (on the left), click on  Participants.
  3. Click Settings (top right), then Enrolment methods
  4. Click Add method > Course meta link.
  5. Type into the Link course search box to find the course you wish to bring enrolments from, and select it from the list.
  6. From the Add to group box select Create new group. Note: Creating a group is optional, but it can be useful if you wish to easily identify enrolments from both courses.
  7. Click Add method.
Course meta link, showing Link course box, where run 2 of a course has been selected.
The Link course box is shown, where run 2 of a module has been selected.

The participants from the source (child) course will now be enrolled on the current course. If new users are enrolled to the source (child) course, they will be automatically brought into the current target (meta) course.

Updated on July 14, 2021

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