How do I delete videos in Panopto?

Video instructions

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Go to Panopto (opens in new tab).
  1. Log in with your Moodle credentials, i.e. p number (without typing and Brookes password.
  1. Click My Folder on the left-hand side.
Figure 1. The ‘My folder’ option appears on the left-hand sidebar.
  1. At the bottom of the screen choose Results per page: 250.
Figure 2. Choose how many videos appear per page at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Review the recordings/videos that appear on the list.
Figure 3. A list of videos appears in the centre of the screen.
  1. Check the box at the top left of the video thumbnail for the recordings/videos that you would like to delete.
Figure 4. Check the box on top left of the video thumbnail.
  1. If you wish to delete all the videos that appear in the list, check the box of the first video and then check the box next to the sorting options.
Figure 5. Check the box next to the sorting options to select all videos at once.
  1. Click Delete at the top.
Figure 6. Click Delete at the top to delete the selected videos.
  1. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
Figure 7. Click Yes in the pop-up to confirm deletion.
  1. Click the Meeting Recordings subfolder, which is where Zoom automatically imports your recordings.
Figure 8. Click Meeting Recordings to review videos imported from Zoom.

Please review the recordings stored in the Meeting Recordings sub-folders and delete the videos that you don’t need by following steps 4-9 again.

If you have more sub-folders, please review their contents and delete the videos that you don’t need by following steps 4-9 again.


Please do not delete any Panopto videos that are:
1. stored in Panopto module folders (i.e. folders with module codes in the title)
2. stored in our reusable content folder (called ‘Channels’).
3. shared with you by others.

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Updated on May 2, 2022

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