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How can I set up a forum so students can ask a question anonymously using QuAK?

Questions Answers Knowledge (QuAK) is an app created by Oxford Brookes University based on an original idea by student Tom Wilford for use by our current students.

The app allows students to ask questions (anonymously or openly) and allows their lecturer or other students to provide answers to those questions (again, anonymously or openly).

How do I configure a Moodle forum to work with QuAK?

Create a Discussion Forum in Moodle. The name of the forum must always start with a prefix “Question forum – “ followed by a forum name, for example, Question forum – Q&A for Assignment 2

Using the prefix “Question forum – “ allows the forum to appear within the QuAK app.

Note: For the Forum to display in Quak, the Course has to be considered “in progress” ie. the current date is within the “Course start date” and “Course end date”.

How do my students use the QuAK app?

A Module Leader can choose to set up a forum in Moodle so that students can ask a question anonymously using the QuAK app.

Please note: Any questions posted directly in the Moodle forum without using the app will not be anonymous. 

There are two ways you can access QuAK:

  1. Download the QuAK app onto your phone: https://www.brookes.ac.uk/it/essentials/mobile-apps/
  2. In Moodle, from the Navigation Draw on the left, scroll down and click ‘Brookes apps’. Select ‘QuAK’. You can also access the page directly at: https://moodle.brookes.ac.uk/local/obu_apps/quak.php

To use the app:

  1. Log in using your Brookes ID and password.
  2. Locate and select the Moodle course.
  3. Locate the forum. Add your question and make sure the ‘Ask anonymously‘ box is ticked. Then click ‘Ask‘.
  4. You can respond to a question by selecting the question and clicking on ‘Add answer‘. Make sure the ‘Answer anonymously‘ box is ticked before clicking the ‘Add‘ button.
Updated on December 8, 2022

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