Under the hood

Adding/modifying questions in the question bank is logged

If you are using the question bank to store questions for your quizzes, any activity when adding or modifying questions in the bank will now appear in the Reports section (Course Administration) as a log entry. Log entries will appear when you create/update/delete/duplicate a question or update/delete a question category or when you import/export questions.

Shibboleth authentication (coming soon)

At a later date after the Moodle upgrade, you will be able to log in to Moodle using Shibboleth, which is an authentication method used by various systems at Oxford Brookes.

The advantage of this is that using your Brookes credentials, you can log in to various systems at Brookes only once. For example, when you log in to LibrarySearch with Shibboleth, then that logs you into Moodle as well, eliminating the need to log in to Moodle again. More documentation on this will be available as soon as Shibboleth becomes active in Moodle.

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