Moodle Dashboard

Deprecation of the ILP block

The ILP block, used for managing your academic advisees, is no longer maintained by its developers and it’s not compatible with Moodle 3.7. Therefore, it will be removed from Moodle on July 8, 2019.

Improved Course Overview block

Star/hide courses

You can now star the courses you use most or hide courses you don’t use from your Dashboard. Click the three dots next to each course title for these options.

From the dropdown menu on the left-hand side you can change the view of the Course Overview block to display: all courses, in progress, future, past, starred or hidden.

Display courses as cards or list

From the right-hand side of the block, you can choose to display your courses as cards (with colourful pattern images) or as a simple list with just the name of the course and the course completion (if enabled).

Other options

From the right-hand dropdown menu of the block, you can sort the courses based on their name or based on when you last accessed them. Below the block, you can choose the number of courses that can be displayed: 12, 24 or 48 courses.

New blocks

Optionally, you can add a set of new blocks to your Dashboard:

  • Timeline block: provides an overview of deadlines, which can be sorted by due dates or by dates or course. This block replaces the timeline tab of earlier versions of the Course overview and is not displayed be default.
  • Starred courses block: display only the courses which you have ‘starred’ (bookmarked).
  • Recently accessed courses block: display the courses which you have most recently accessed.
  • Recently accessed items block: display the activities and resources which you have most recently accessed, allowing you to quickly find where they were previously on the site.

All the above blocks can be added to the side, or in the middle column of the Moodle Dashboard.