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What’s new in your Panopto Video Library in June 2022?

On June 25th some brand new features will be arriving in your Panopto Video library that will help you create videos faster, edit captions with an easy find and replace all feature and more!

The highlights of this new update are:

More accessibility features

  • An update to the Automatic Speech Recognition speech-to-text engine has increased caption quality across all supported languages.
  • Adding an ‘End Time’ to your captions will allow you to clear a caption from the screen when it is no longer needed.
  • Find and Replace is a powerful new tool that enables you to identify captions that need to be edited with new low confidence highlighting and find and replace them all at once.
    • Captions that include words and phrases that the AI has a low confidence of their accuracy will now be highlighted for easier scanning.
    • You can replace all instances of an incorrectly transcribed word with one initial manual correction.
Screen capture with the new caption editing being displayed showing the word 'Sofia' highlighted as low confidence and the new replace and replace all features in centre.
Figure 1. Low confidence words in the transcript are highlighted and can be fixed with a replace/replace all feature.

New video editing features

  • Instant Edit will allow you to pubilsh your video seconds after completing your edit, speeding up your post-production process.
  • Smart Chapters will be enabled by default on all videos so that you have an autogenerated table of contents for your videos that is created by analyzing the screen of your primary video screen.
Screen capture of a video with Smart Chapters enabled.
Figure 2. Smart Chapters provide quick links to different parts of the video.

New and redesigned features

  • New roles can be created to allow for more flexibility between Creator and Viewer roles.
  • The Create button has moved and is now more visible on the left hand column.
  • The Search bar has been restyled and placed in a more centralised position, and both archived and ready-to-view videos will appear in the same list.
  • All content creators can archive videos directly from the video settings rather than wait for videos to be archived by administrators.
Updated on June 27, 2022

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