What is the QuickMark Manager?

A QuickMark is Turnitin’s term for ‘reusable comments’, allowing Module Leaders to use the same mark across their classes and assignments without the need to recreate it. The QuickMark Manager stores every QuickMark that has been created by you together in sets, allowing you to organise your comments for particular assignments or types of comments. Feedback Studio comes with a number of QuickMark sets ready for use (eg. Composition, Composition Marks, Format, Punctuation, and Usage). Each set contains comments which can be used to provide student feedback.

You can perform the following actions in the QuickMark Manager:

  • create new QuickMark sets
  • create new QuickMark comments
  • edit sets or comments
  • delete sets
  • delete comments from sets
  • upload and download sets
  • archive comments
Updated on August 11, 2017

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