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How should I respond to Turnitin paper view requests?

Who receives these requests?

Turnitin paper view requests are sent to all users enrolled as ‘Turnitin tutors’ on a Turnitin assignment. Moodle does not control these notifications, therefore it is not currently possible for the emails to be sent to Module Leaders only.

What is a Turnitin paper view request?

When students at Oxford Brookes submit their work to Turnitin, their papers are stored in an institutional repository, which is separate from the repositories of other institutions. Papers submitted to the Oxford Brookes repository will be checked against repositories of other institutions and vice versa. Turnitin uses these repositories to check for similarity and show matches in an originality report.

However, if a match is shown with a paper in another repository, Turnitin can only reveal the matching passage, and cannot immediately show you the whole document. This is because the work is protected by Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and the host institution must first grant a request for access to the whole paper. Requests made to another institution to view a student paper submitted through Turnitin are called Turnitin paper view requests.

What do paper view requests look like?

If a tutor from another institution submits a request to view a paper submitted to your course, you will receive an email asking you to grant access. The email looks as shown below.

Click the pink spots for an explanation of the information it contains:

Figure 1. Email from Turnitin with a paper view request. Click the purple spots for an explanation of the information it contains. View full size image.


The student paper appears below the email from Turnitin. Replying to the email will reply to the email address of the person who makes the request (not Turnitin) and will make the student paper appear in the email chain. Make sure to remove any personal information that identifies the student if you reply to grant the request or delete the paper completely from the email chain if you reply to explain why you decline the request.

How should I respond to the request?

You must ignore it and take no action.

How can I stop receiving these requests?

You can filter these emails out in Gmail using our template. With the Gmail filter, those emails will skip your inbox and will be saved in a Gmail label for quick retrieval.

Updated on March 18, 2021

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