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How do I remove a submission from the Turnitin database?


The instructions below apply only to submissions made to Oxford Brookes University and not other institutions.

We accept deletion requests only from tutors or Faculty learning technologists (opens in new tab) and we try to process them as soon as possible, but that always depends on the response time by Turnitin.

Once the deletion process is completed, the deleted submission will be completely removed from Turnitin and cannot be recovered by anyone for any reason.

In cases where students submitted their work to the wrong module or assignment, you may want to remove the paper from Turnitin, as submitting the same paper to the correct assignment will show a high match percentage. To request removal, please contact Digital Services with the following information:

  • Module run
  • Name of the assignment (where the student work was submitted)
  • Paper ID of the submission (you wish to remove)

Once you receive a confirmation that the submission has been removed, you may need to refresh the correct submission which shows a high match.

Updated on December 1, 2022

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