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How do I manually enrol my teaching team?

As a module leader you may need to enrol your co-teachers onto your Moodle course at the beginning of the semester.

Figure 1. Enrolling a co-teacher on a course. (The video has no sound)
  1. From the course page contextual menu (beneath the module name at the top of the course page), click on Participants.
  2. Then, click on Enrol users.
  3. Click in the Select users search field, type the name of the user you would like to add and select their name from the dropdown list that appears.

If someone has already been enrolled, their name will not appear in the Select users field.

  1. Click on Assign roles and select the preferred role. You would usually select Co-teacher for a seminar leader.
  2. Click Show more.
  3. Under Enrolment duration, select the number of days that the colleague you are enrolling needs to stay on the course or enable the date until when they need to stay enrolled on the course.

Don’t set the enrolment period any longer than is necessary.

  1. Click on Enrol selected users and cohorts.

Pro tip: When searching for a user, it’s best if you search using their p number email address (e.g. pXXXXXXX@brookes.ac.uk), instead of their name. That way you can ensure that you enrolled the right person.

Remember: You must not enrol students manually on academic modules. Student enrolments are added automatically to your module via the Student Record System.

Updated on August 1, 2023

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