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How do I download rubrics from read-only assignments in Turnitin?

If you are unable to download a rubric from Turnitin in Moodle, because the module has ended and the assignment is in read-only mode, you are able to do so through the TurnitinUK website.

  1. Log into your instructor account on turnitinuk.com.
  2. Click the module run that contains the rubric.
  3. Click Libraries.
  4. Click Rubric/Form Manager.
  5. Click View import/export options.
  6. Select Export.
  7. Save the .rbc file locally in your computer


While it is possible to edit rubrics within Turnitin, it is not possible to edit Turnitin rubrics through any other software. When a rubric scorecard is exported, the resulting file type that is saved to your computer has an .rbc extension. For example, if you were to export a rubric called “Writing Rubric”, the file that would be saved to your hard drive would be called “Writing_Rubric.rbc”. These .rbc files cannot be opened by any other program except Turnitin. You won’t be able to open it with Microsoft Word, for example, and edit the contents of the file. These files can only be imported, exported, edited, or viewed from within the Turnitin system using the Rubric Manager in GradeMark.

Updated on June 28, 2020

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