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How do I create a discussion in Moodle?

In a blended learning or distance learning module adding a forums and encourages discussion and act as spaces for collaboration. You can use forums for information, Q&A, assessment activities, formal assessments for participation activities, and more.

To add a new forum to Moodle:

  1. In your course homepage, turn editing on.
  2. Go to a section in your course and click Add an activity or resource.
  3. Choose Forum and click Add.
  4. Give your Forum a name.
  5. Give the file a description if you wish, and tick the box to display that description on the course page if needed.
  6. Under Subscription and Tracking change the Subscription mode to ‘Forced Subscription’ to make sure all users receive notifications for new posts.
  7. Once done, click Save and return to course.

To add a new topic:

  1. Click on Add a new discussion topic
  2. Enter a Subject and Message.
  3. Click on Post to forum.

To reply to a topic:

  1. Click on the Subject title to view a discussion topic.
  2. Click Reply to respond to a particular thread.
  3. Type out your Reply.
  4. Click on Submit.
Updated on February 1, 2021

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