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How can I use comments to track moderation?

Note: The instructions below apply only to Moodle Assignments and not Turnitin.

Moderators can add comments in the submission comments column of the submissions page to indicate that an assignment has been moderated. This allows module leaders and administrators to easily identify the moderated assignments without viewing all submissions in the Gradebook.

  1. Important: Make a note of the student’s name or participant identifier number (if anonymous/blind marking) that you will be moderating.
  2. Once moderation is complete, go back to the main submissions page, identify the student’s submission and click on Comments (0) under the Submission comments column.
  3. Add your comment in the text box. For example, Moderation completed.
  4. Click Save comment.
  5. Comments can be viewed by clicking on Comments (1).
Screen shot of Moodle assignment submissions page showing a comment being added to the Submission comments column
Updated on July 31, 2019

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