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What’s new in Moodle 3.11?

On Thursday 13 January 2022, Moodle was upgraded to version 3.11. The new version brings a number of refinements in key areas: user experience, activity completion and user access as well as improvements in activities such as the Moodle Quiz with improved control over audio/video playback and word length in essay questions.




New Features



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Adding an activity or resource to your course?

Customise your activity chooser by ‘starring’ the activities and resources you use most often.

Screenshot of Activity Chooser showing starred activities and resources including Assignment, File, Folder, Label, Page, Turnitin Assignment 2, and URL.
Figure 1. Activity Chooser filtered for starred content.

Looking for an activity’s completion requirements?

Completion requirements and status are now listed alongside activities and resources.

Screenshot showing course with activities marked as 'done: view', 'done: make forum posts: 1' and 'to do: make a submission' and 'to do: receive a grade'.
Figure 2. Activities and resources marked as ‘done’ or ‘to do’.

Is the embedded audio or video playing too fast?

Use the new audio and video playback settings for media recorded directly in Moodle to slow down or speed up the playback.

Figure 3. Changing audio playback rate.

Adding an essay question to a Moodle Quiz?

Set the minimum and maximum word count allowed.

Screenshot of Quiz essay question response options section showing settings including Minimum word limit with enable ticked and Maximum word limit with enable ticked.
Figure 4. Settings for an essay question in Quiz activity.

Improvements and Fixes

User Access

iOS users can now play all embedded content that has been recorded using the Audio and Video recording feature in the Atto editor.

Screenshot showing an embedded audio file including text that reads how long it is and an alternative format link.
Figure 5. Embedded audio file.

User Experience

There is now a visible line separating all activities and resources.

Zoomed in section header showing 2 forums and 1 Moodle book searpated into three sections by grey lines.
Figure 6. Section heading showing grey line dividers.

Special characters have now been enabled in the Atto editor.

Social Forum Screenshot with special characters inserted into the editor including emojis an text in Greek
Figure 7. Forum question with special characters.

In the Grader Report, fail marks are shown in red with an x and pass marks are shown in green with a checkmark.

Figure 8. Grader Report with pass and fail marks.

Minor Fixes

There is increased visibility and colour contrast for notification and messaging.

Assignment comments are also saved when you click ‘save changes’ in the assignment grader page.

Activity Improvements

Moodle Quiz

Improved activity home page.

  • View the grade needed to pass the quiz.
  • View activity completion requirements.
  • Links to view which students and groups have been given overrides.
Screenshot of activity home page for a Quiz with 2 activity completion notifications of 'Receive a grade' and 'Receive a pass grade' and settings that read 'Attempts allowed:4, Grading method:Highest grade, Grade to pass 10.00 out of 10.00. A final section labelled settings overrides exist shows a link to 1 user who has been given overrides.
Figure 9. Quiz showing activity completion notifications, overrides links, and the grade to pass sections.

Activity Completion

  • Choose whether to show or hide activity deadlines and completion criteria on the course page using activity settings.
  • In the activity completion report, change the filters and settings to show separate groups, specific activities, or the activities in a specific order.
Updated on January 14, 2022

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