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What is the Brookes Harvard style?

The Brookes Harvard referencing style available for EndNote Web and EndNote desktop matches the Harvard guidance given in Cite Them Right Online. Please note there are 2 versions of this style available – the only difference is in how they deal with multiple authors. Check with your department if you are unsure which version you should use:

  • ‘BrookesHarvard’ uses ‘et al’ for 4 or more authors in the bibliography.
  • ‘BrookesHarvardAllAuthors’ lists all authors in the bibliography regardless of number. This is a requirement of some departments (especially in the sciences) and therefore we have provided an alternative style.

NB There are some variations in local practice at Brookes, so always check with your department about what they require and whether the style you’re using is acceptable.

Both versions of the style are included with the Brookes version of EndNote Web (EndNote Online), and are installed on all pooled room PCs for use with EndNote desktop. If you would like to use them with an EndNote desktop installation on a non-Brookes PC, the styles can be downloaded from the Library’s EndNote web pages.

Updated on November 8, 2018

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