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What is H5P and how do I add an H5P interactive activity in Moodle?

H5P stands for HTML5 Package which is free open-sourced pre-made interactive activities that you can customise with your own content. You can add H5P activities directly from the activity chooser in Moodle.

To add an H5P activity to your Moodle course:

  1. In your course homepage, turn editing on.
  2. Go to a section in your course and click Add an activity or resource.
  3. Choose H5P Interactive Content and click Add.
  4. Give the H5P activity a description if you wish, and tick the box to display that description on the course page if needed.
  5. In the Editor click on the title of a content type to select the content type you want (see below suggestions for useful content types).
  6. Give your activity a descriptive Title.
  7. Each activity is different, so do take advantage of the walkthroughs, tutorials, and guidance that is given at the top of each content type.
  8. Once done, click Save and return to course.

Useful H5P Content Types

Good ways to organise content:

  • Column: Organises multiple H5P activities into a single column layout.
  • Accordion: Vertically stacks item lists that can be collapsed to save space.

Fun activities to choose:

  • Drag and Drop: ‘Drag and drop question enables the learner to associate two or more elements and to make logical connections in a visual way.’
  • Interactive Video: ‘Add interactivity to your video with explanations, extra pictures, tables, Fill in the Blank and multiple choice questions.’
Updated on January 15, 2021

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