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How do I use this website?

What is it?

‘Digital Education for staff’ is a new documentation website maintained by Digital Services (Learning Resources) and your Faculty’s Digital Media and e-learning Developers (DMeLDs). Our aim is collect, organise and curate online training resources on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in one single collaborative space with a searchable knowledge base.

How do I access it?

The website is accessible both by mobile and desktop via https://telsupport.brookes.ac.uk and has been promoted in various online spaces, already known to academic staff, as ‘Get TEL support’, including the Staff Virtual Gateway, Digital Capabilities for staff and Moodle itself (see the Moodle support menu for staff at the top of your Moodle page).

What features does it offer?

Training resources

‘TEL support at Brookes’ contains online resources on a wide range of topics including: teaching with the VLE, online assessment and feedback, online meetings and webinars, online course design (eg how to structure your Moodle course, organise your content effectively), with more topics to be added in the near future.

Search with instant answers

Start by typing your question in the search box at the top. While you are typing, a few suggestions will appear underneath which might be what you are looking for. If not, simply keep typing until the right answer appears. You can always press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to see a page with the search results.

Article feedback

We value the feedback we get from staff and we aim to collect feedback on our work so we can pinpoint which parts are helping staff and identify which need improving. At the end of each piece you are able to vote whether you found it helpful or not with a ‘tick’ or a ‘cross’’ respectively. Once you select either of those icons, you will have the opportunity to provide more qualitative feedback on that article.

How do I navigate it?

The website features a search box at the top of all pages and you can use that to search for any questions you might have. Alternatively you can browse the different sections below:

  1. New starters: basic online resources for new members of staff (including staff who are new to Moodle)
  2. Quick answers: resources on more advanced topics for all staff
  3. Tutorials: more in-depth tutorials that complement the two sections above.
  4. Teaching and Learning resources: ideas that can help with your teaching and learning practice.

How do I access on mobile?

When using a mobile device, open your mobile browser and type https://telsupport.brookes.ac.uk.

You can also add a shortcut to your home screen to access ‘TEL support’ quickly.

Updated on September 13, 2021

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