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How do I set up a video assignment in Panopto for student submissions?

The Panopto Assignment folder is dedicated folder that allows students and other viewers Creator access to submit videos to a dedicated folder in your course folder in the Panopto video library. This tool is best used to organise submissions for video assignments and other uploaded multimedia such as narrated PowerPoint presentations.

How does an Assignment Folder work?

In order for students to participate in and submit to video and other multimedia assignments, you will need to create an Assignment Folder to give them access to the Creator functions of Panopto. This will allow them to record and upload videos into the Panopto video library.

  • An Assignment Folder is a subfolder within your main course folder that is synced to your Moodle course.
  • The sync means that all students and others with Viewer access to your course folder in Panopto can use the Assignment Folder to record and upload videos to that folder.
  • Using this feature students are only allowed Creator access to that Assignment Folder and not to any other section of the course folder.

Setting up the Assignment Folder

Creating a new Asssignment Folder

Course folder identication title
Figure 1. The Settings cog wheel in a Panopto course folder.


  1. In your Panopto course folder, select the cog wheel (settings) icon.
  2. Make sure the Overview tab is selected then scroll down to Assignment Folder and click Create Assignment Folder.

Screenshot of Overview tab with 'Create Assignment Folder' button highlighted with a red box.
Figure 2. The Overview tab in a Panopto course folder before creating an Assignment Folder.

Finding the Assignment Folder

Once you create the Assignment Folder, a link to the Assignment Folder will be added using the name of the course folder, in this case the title of the Moodle course, and assignments in brackets. 

ScreenShot of Overview Screen with Assignment Folder Added.
Figure 3. Course folder Overview Tab with an Assignment Folder.

Pro Tip: If you have more than one video assignment, you can change the name of the Assignment Folder and organise the assignments using subfolders. Is recommended that you create an Assignment Folder in each separate dedicated subfolder labelled with the assignment name.

Changing the Settings on an Assignment Folder

  1. Click on the title of the Assignment Folder to follow the link to the new folder.
  2. In the Overview tab you will be able to edit the folder’s name by clicking Edit next to the name and then Save when done.
  3. In the Settings tab you can adjust the viewing options of submissions, including a setting that allows other students to see all submissions to the Assignment Folder.
A screenshot of the Settings tab in an Assignment Folder showing the 'Allow viewers to see each other's sessions' option ticked. There are five other options unticked including 'Enable Podcast Feed,' 'Allow viewers to make notes public', 'Email viewers when new videos are ready', 'Disable comments on all sessions in this folder', and 'Enable public comments by default on all videos in this folder'.
Figure 4. Assignment Folder Settings tab showing options.

Closing an Assignment Folder

  1. Once all students have submitted their assignment. Click on the cog wheel in the Panopto course folder to reopen the Settings for the folder.
  2. Underneath the Assignment Folder click Close to close the folder to new submissions. The date the folder was closed will be displayed.

Setting up a Moodle Assignment for an Assignment Folder

There is a suggested standard configuration for setting up a Moodle Assignment, the following instructions show how to make sure students can add their video submissions.

  1. Go to your Moodle course and turn editing on.
  2. In the section where you will add the submission dropbox, click Add an activity or resource.
  3. From the activity chooser select Assignment (the first activity) and click Add.
  4. On the Adding a new Assignment page, under Submission types, select the checkbox next to Online text to allow students access to the text editor.
  5. In the Assignment description give students instruction on how you would like them to add their video. For example, you can copy and paste the following text into the description: ‘In order to create your video assignment, please consult the Guidance for students: record and/or submit a video in Panopto. Note: You will first need to sign in to your GoogleBrookes account using your email address and password. In order to submit your video to the Moodle assignment,
    • Click on Add Submission and in the Online text box select the Panopto icon. A pop-up window will appear that will allow you to select an existing video, upload new content, or record via Panopto Capture or the Panopto desktop application.
    • To choose an existing recording, simply browse through your available folders, select your video, and then click Insert.’
  6. Click Save and Return to course.
A screenshot showing the Submission Types tab open in the Moodle Assignment 'Adding a new Assignment' page with Online Text ticked and highlighted.
Figure 5. Choosing a submission type when setting up a Moodle Assignment.
Updated on July 28, 2023

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