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How do I restrict access in a resits dropbox for exams?

In cases where you need to set up assignments for resits, you should restrict access to the relevant dropbox only for students who are eligible for resits. You can apply restrictions based on student numbers and hide it from everyone else or add eligible students to a group and apply group restrictions to the dropbox.

Method 1: Hiding the restriction

This method will hide both the restriction message and the dropbox itself from students who don’t meet the criteria for resits.

If you have set up individual restrictions for each student who meets the criteria for resits, these restrictions will be visible in the course homepage and all students will be able to see who is eligible for resits. In the Restrict Access settings you can hide that information:

  1. Edit the settings of the Turnitin assignment.
  2. Scroll down to Restrict Access.
  3. On the left of each restriction, click on the eye icon so it displays a diagonal line on top .
  1. If you are using multiple restrictions, the eye icon should display a diagonal line on top and the second dropdown should contain the word “any“.
  1. Click Save and return to course.
  2. The dropbox restriction message in the course homepage should now include the word “hidden”, as shown:

Method 2: Adding a group restriction

This method will make the restriction message and the dropbox itself visible to everyone, but only students eligible for resits will be able to submit.

Instead of adding user restrictions based on the student number, you can add all students who meet the criteria for resits to a group and then add a group restriction to the dropbox. This will hide student identities for the course homepage and only the name of the group will be visible.

  1. Create a manual group and add only the students who will need to access the activity.
Moodle screenshot that shows a group called ISP Students with three students in it.
Figure 1. Manually the students who need to access the activity to a group.
  1. Then Edit Settings of the Turnitin assignment.
  2. Under Restrict Access, delete any previous restrictions that contain student numbers.
Figure 2. Delete any previous restrictions that contain student identities.
  1. Then click Add Restriction.
  2. Select Group.
Figure 3. From the restrictions list select Group.
  1. From the dropdown menu, select the group with the ISP students groups, as shown:
Figure 4. Select the manual group you created in step 1.
  1. Click Save and return to course.
  2. Then the restriction doesn’t show members of the group:
Figure 5. The restriction notice reveals only the name of the group, not student identities.

Important note about using groups

If you are using groups elsewhere in the course, you will need to also consider groupings to define which groups are available in other activities and which are not.

Updated on April 10, 2020

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